Prof Darshan Singh Ragi concocts a fictitious story and engages in Guru Nindya

JUS Punjabi TV Channel had an hour long dicsussion programme on the controversial ragi Darshan Singh who peformed at Rochester Gurdwara where he narrated a fictitious story denigrating the life and personality of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib.

Darshan Singh said “Guru Sahib went to a ‘Veshya’ (prostitute) and the prostitute tried to lure him. Guru Sahib thought if he establishes relationship with her then the one who will be born out of that relationship will be a ‘Bharua’ (pimp) and if he doesnt establish a relationship then she will get him beat-up  by the public by shouting ‘thief thief’….Guru Sahib leaves his slippers and robe and starts running. He is caught by the public who starts beating him up. Someone gets hold of Guru Sahib’s beard and someone removes his turban and starts hurling slippers on Guru Sahib’s head

He claimed that the story is from Charitropakhyan bani of Sri Dasam Granth. However no such narration with the name of Guru Sahib appears in Charitropakhyan.

Darshan Singh also useds derogatory words such as ‘Veshya’ (prostitute) and ‘Bharua’ (pimp) which appear nowhere in the text.

Its not for the first time that the Ragi has been surrounded by controversy. He had earlier questioned the Amrit Sanchar and Nitnem Banees. 

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