TV Debate – Sehajdhari vs Patit

Who is a Sahajdhari and who is a Patit? A person born in a non-Sikh family and converting gradualy to Sikhism is a Sahajdhari. A born Sikh who cuts, trims, shaves is not a Sahajdhari but a Patit. Non-Sikh to Sikh via Sahajdhari route is one way and irreversible process. A Sikh can never become Sahajdhari but will land himself as a Patit. Virtually there is no Sahajdhari in Punjab. Neither there is any claim from any genuine Sahajdhari for share in Gurdwara management. Before partition there used to large number of Sahajdharis in Punjab but after 1947 either they have become Sikhs or merged back into the Hindu fold. Ritesh Lakhi conducts debae in Masle programme on PTC with Paramjit Ranu, H S Phoolka and Gurcharanjit Singh Lamba.

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